@@Why MeCan Adapter ?

As a savvy consumer, you may already have spent good amount of time researching
and found various microscope adapter with lower price tag. And so question now could be,

ghmm.... why would I choose Mecan adapter over others with lower price?h

It is certainly most popular inquiry raised by our customer, and so
we have set up this page to explain why you may want to choose Mecan adapter.

Equipped with high Performance optical relay lense

Quality of microscope adapter depends mostly on quality of its
built-in relay lens. Instead of using microscope eyepiece as a relay lens,
we develop each microscope adapter with specialized built-in lens which is designed specifically for respective camera models and its optical systems.
Optimized in this way, Mecan adapter efficiently eliminates vignette and minimizes optical errors which is often associated with photomicrograph
by consumer digital camera. .
Astounding difference in image quality !
Comparison between Mecan adapter and the one with lower price tag from brand A
Image on the left below is taken with Canon EOS Rebel T2i + Mecan DSLR adapter NY-1S
Image on the right below is taken with Canon EOS Rebel T2i + Lower price adapter from Brand A
It is easy to notice the significance difference in an image quality, especially with a
Resolutions in Peripheral Area and a Overall Color Rendering
NY-1S adapter (Mecan) + EOS Rebel T2i   Brand A adapter + EOS Rebel T2i
Following factors should be taken into account when taking photo with microscope.
Each factor can be cause for significant optical impairments and image quality could be compromised.
1 @Geometry distortion   The image at the peripheral area is distorted and
out of focus (low resolution) compare to the center area.
2 @Linearity
@(barrel distortion)
  Parallel lines would not look parallel (distorted)
Square lines would take shape of barrel (barrel distortion)
3 @Light and shade gap   Difference in brightness level between center and
peripheral area even when light is evenly diffused.
4 @Scotoma/Luminous point   White (luminous point) and Black spot (scotoma) may appear
in the image because of internal]reflection in the lens and lens tube.
5 @Vignette   Errors in magnification setting or optical design,
also fundamental structural defect could cause vignette.
6 @Color and Sharpness   Image color and sharpness can be greatly affected by
the quality of lens aberration control and AR coating.
We have been addressing these issues tirelessly over many years and now succeeded to develop
high-precision relay lens which would provide high quality and sharp microscopic photos !