Microscope Adapter for DSLR / MirrorLess DSLR Camera

Capture exceptional microscope image with our NY-1S/NY-1S35 adapter ! 
NY-1S/NY-1S35 is equipped with a high-precision relay lens that brings out the best performance of a DSLR. The image is formed directly from the objective lens to the CCD sensor, and the highest quality image is captured regardless of the manufacturer or model. It can be attached to almost all biological, metallurgical, and stereomicroscopes.
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 DSLR Microscope Adapter
DSLR microscope adapter NY-1S and NY-1S35 are compatible with
most DSLR models with applicable maker attachment.
microscope adapter for digital camera
microscope adapter for digital camera
DSLR Adapter Full Frame DSLR Adapter
NY-1S NY-1S35  

 DSLR (APS-C / 35mm Full Frame / MirroLess) Camera & Microscope Adapter Set

Canon EOS SL3 Set
Microscope Adapter for Canon EOS
Canon EOS RP Set
Microscope Adapter for Canon EOS
Canon EOS M200 Set
Microscope Adapter for mirrorless dslr
APS-C 35mm Full Frame APS-C
EOS rebel model
(kiss model) with 24.1MP APS-C sensor and
build-in Wi-Fi + Bluetooth.
35mm size Full Frame mirrorless DSLR. Remote
live view feature enables control camera from PC.
Compact and light weight
Canon mirrorless DSLR
with Max ISO of 25,600 !
Body Set $ 1,550
Lens Set $ 1,650
Body Set $ 2,290 
Lens Set $ 2,630 
Body Set $ 1,440 
Lens Set $ 1,570