microscope adapter for digital camera
Microscope adapter for iPhone

  • DSLR/Mirrorless interchangable-lens camera microscope adapter
  • Microscope adapter for Compact digital camera
  • Microscope adapter for HD Camcorder
  • Microscope adapter for C-mount CCD, USB camera
  • Microscope adapter, Sample images
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  Microscope Adapter for Digital Camera

iPhone Adapter

DSLR/MirrorLess Adapter

Microscope Adapter for iPhone Microscope Adapter for DSLR camera
Relay lens of i-NTER LENS is designed to optimize iPhone cam lens and microscope with minimal distortion and aberration DSLR microscope adapter - NY-1S
Compatible with various DSLR models
just by changing maker attachment.
Equipped with high quality relay lens.

Compact DigCam adapter

Camcorder Adapter

Microscope Adapter for compact digital camera Microscope Adapter for Camcorder
Exceptional image quality with dedicated relay lens. Cam focus follows automatically with rough focusing of microscope. Microscope adapter for HD camcorder,
NY-VS comes with conversion ring set and
compatible with Φ30, 37, 43, 46 mm filter size

C-Mount CCD Camera Adapter

Microscope Adapter for C-mount CCD camera
Microscope adapter for C mount cam, NY-CZ
is equipped with zoom lens (0.35 - 0.7 x). Compatible with most C-mount camera !