DSLR Microscope Adapter - Installation

Information required to determine Microscope x Adapter compatibility is
Mounting Position
and its Shape (not make or model of microscope). First, select Eyepiece tube or Trinocular Port for your preferred method of connection.
eyepiece tube attachment trinocular port attachment

   Eyepiece Tube

Commentary :
Most microscopes in the market today are ones with eyepiece tube inside diameter of
φ23.2 or φ30mm. Generally, it is more common for low magnification microscope such as stereo-microscope to have φ30mm size and high magnification microscope such as biological, metallurgical microscopes to have φ23.2mm size. However, there is recent and growing trend toward wide field of view of φ30mm size even for high magnification microscope as well.

Eyepiece tube of surgical microscopes could be equipped with anti‐falling lock and it may interfere and blocks adapter to be installed. It is also often equipped with C-mount to which adapter can be installed, however, our adapters are
compatible only with Direct (1.0x) C-mount and there will be vignetting when attached to C-mount with less than 1.0x magnification lenses are built-in (E.g. 0.5x 0.6x).

   Installing Ocular Micrometer (reticle) to Adapter

Speciality Ocular Micrometer for Photomicrography S11-CF

10mm / 100div / 0.1mm pitch

S11-CF Sample Images
Regular ocular micrometer has a scale and numbers
etched at the center. S11-CF removed the numbers
and shifted the scale from center for clear view !!
Various type of Ocular/Stage Micrometer available !

Select your connection method
Cマウント写真鏡筒 Cマウント写真鏡筒 Cマウント写真鏡筒 Cマウント写真鏡筒 Cマウント写真鏡筒 Cマウント写真鏡筒 Cマウント写真鏡筒