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  Stereo-Microscope and Accessories


Microscope Lighting

stere-omicroscope, CCD Microscope, quality control, measurement Lighting for stere-omicroscope, CCD Microscope, quality control, measurement
Wide selection of low budget yet high
quality stereo-microscope for industrial,
R&D and biological purposes.
Ring-Light, Twin-Arm light, and LED light
for fluorescent observation ! Wide selection
of high quality light devices for microscope.


Ocular & Stage Micrometer

Microscope Specimen

ocular and stage micrometer for microscope Microscope specimen for educational purposes
Wide selection of ocular and stage micrometer. A convenient Ocular & Stage micrometer set is also available ! High quality microscope specimens.
Animal tissue, plant, plankton, bacteria, physiological organs, rocks, and more.


iPhone Adapter
Microsope adapter for iPhone, DSLR,
compact digi cam, HD camcorder
C-mount cam and more !