Microscope Adapter for iPhone - iNTER LENS

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High Quality and High Resolution Microscope Image with iPhone !
iNTER LENS is high quality microscope adapter specifically optimized for an iPhone camera.
It eliminate distortion/aberration efficiently and minimizes light/shade contrast between center and peripheral image area. Installable to eyepiece tube of various microscope models.

microscope adapter for iPhone

   System Component

microscope adapter for iPhone

Compatible iPhone models
12mini / 12 / 11 / SE (2nd), 8, 7 / XS, X / XSMAX / XR / 8+, 7+ / 6s, 6 / 6s+, 6s /SE (1st), 5s, 5
※ Not compatible with iPhone 12Pro and other Pro series.

   Set Price

  iNTER LENS Set <MR-6i>
 iNTER LENS - Main Body
 Φ 23.2 ⇒ 30.0 mm Conversion Sleeve
 Attaching Case * please select one for your particular iPhone model
 * 12mini/12/11/SE (2nd), 8, 7/XS, X/XSMAX/XR/8+, 7+/6s, 6/6s+, 6s/SE (1st), 5s, 5
Set Price   US$ 847

   Optional Item

 Attaching Case * please select one for your particular iPhone model US$ 158
 * 12mini/12/11/SE (2nd), 8, 7/XS, X/XSMAX/XR/8+, 7+/6s, 6/6s+, 6s/SE (1st), 5s, 5
 C-Mount Sleeve (for attaching to C-mount) US$ 32
 Lightning-HDMI conversion adapter (output via HDMI) US$
 HDMI Cable US$


microscope adapter for iPhone Dedicated Optical System for iPhone
Designed and developed specifically to
optimize i-Phone camera for microscope,
it enables high quality microscope imaging
with minimal distortion and aberration as well as
full screen display with no visual field defect.
Easy Attachment with Attaching Case
With special iPhone attaching case, i-NTER LENS
can be attached to and removed from microscope
without need of any special tool or screws.
microscope adapter for iPhone

   iNTER Shot - (support app for iNTER LENS)

microscope adapter for iPhone Touchless control with iNTER Shot pap
Touchless-shutter and touchless-save
functions to eliminate vibration when
shooting photomicrograph and capture
quality image without slightest image blur
* function can not be used with iPod touch

microscope adapter for iPhone

 Installation - Compatible with various microscope types

microscope adapter for iPhone Compatible with Φ 23.2 or 30.0mm eyepiece
inside diameter (standard for most microscope)
It can also be installed to C-mount
with an optional C-mount sleeve.
 microscope adapter for iPhone
Ocular Micrometer Insertion
iNTER LENS is equipped with fixing bracket
for ocular micrometer insertion.

Ocular Micrometer
Stage Micrometer
microscope adapter for iPhone

 Recommended Options
1. Wireless monitor output using Apple TV
With Apple TV and Wi-Fi connectivity, live view image can be wirelessly sent to monitor.
It is revolutionary tool in the area of remote healthcare or international joint research !

microscope adapter for iPhone
Apple TV (Apple shop)
Please maker purchase directly from Apple or other online distributor.

2. Image output with HDMI Cable
Option of wired image output with HDMI cable also available.
 microscope adapter for iPhone
Lightning-HDMI adapter (apple shop)
Lightning-VGA adapter (apple shop)

Please maker purchase directly from Apple or other online distributor.


Comparison between iNTER-LENS and Common iPhone adapter

Issues with common microscope x iPhone adapter
Common microscope x iPhone adapter today utilizes microscope eyepiece for connection
and requires alignment of smartphone camera lens to eyepiece center.
The use of eyepiece causes several usability problems as follow.
■ Tedious center-line realignment required each time adapter is removed
■ There will be vignetting as if you are peeking through a keyhole.
■ Smartphone camera has short focal length and produces geometry distortion
  (the image at the peripheral area would be distorted, low resolution and even darker
  compare to the central area) when used together with eyepiece lens.
Solution ! iNTER-LENS - Microscope x iPhone adapter
iNTER-LENS is equipped with relay-lens which replaces eyepiece and that is designed
and developed optimally to bring out best qualities of high performance iPhone camera.
It is the highest quality iPhone microscope adapter today with enhanced usability !
microscope adapter for iPhone