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  Polarizer Film / Retarder Film / AR & AGAR Film / 3D Glasses

Polarizer / Retarder Film

AR & AGAR Film

Linear/Circular Polarizer, Lambda  (retardation/phase difference) films Anti-glare, anti-reflective film
Wide selections of Linear/Circular polarizer film, Retarder (waveplate/lambda) film.
Wire Grid Polarizer film and more
AR (anti-reflective) film/acrylic and
AGAR (anti-glare & anti-reflective) film.
AR film eliminates reflections down to 1%
and available from single sheet !

Polarized 3D Glasses

Cold Filter / Adhesive Film

Liear, Circular Polarizer 3D glass cold filter, optical adhesive films
High quality Linear and Circular polarized
3D glasses available both with paper anhd plastic frames. Available from small unit.
UV-Cut Cold filter and optical adhesive film. Optical adhesive film MPD62 does not interfere with optical performances of polarizer film, lambda film.