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@@Wire Grid Polarizer Film

Wire Grid Polarizer Film is one of reflective polarizers and the world's first wire grid polarizer based plastic films. Using metal nano wires, it has a high polarization separation performance in the broad wavelength from visible to IR ray range. Furthermore, it has excellent heat resistance compared to a typical absorption polarizer. Now adhesive type available too !

  @Wire Grid Polarizer

¡ A reflective polarizer without absorption loss
¡ Flexible & excellent processability
¡ Less wavelength dependence
(Visible light - infrared light) 
¡ Excellent durability under high temperature
(60Ž/ 90%RH / 1500h, 105Ž/ Dry / 1000h)
Wire Grid Polarizer Film

Grid Structure | Section SEM image

  @Price and Specification

 š Non Adhesive Type
Item Code Size Unit Price
 MLP-WG Non-Adhesive 80 x 240 mm | t=80 ƒÊm $ 172
 MLP-WG sample 80 x 50 mm | t=80 ƒÊm $ 55
 Data sheet

 š New !! Adhesive Type
Item Code Size Unit Price
 MLP-WGS Adhesive 80 x 240 mm | t=100 ƒÊm $ 199
 MLP-WGS sample 80 x 50 mm | t=100 ƒÊm $ 66
 Data sheet


 Normal Incidence - Parallel and Crossed Transmittance