Sensor Size Comparison and Field of View (F.O.V)

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Image sensors (CCD, CMOS etc) used in digital cameras vary in sizes depending on maker and
its model. Please refer to below charts describing relation between microscope Filed of View
and shooting range of photo and select correct adapter for your particular DSLR model.

   DSLR Camera Sensor Sizes Comparison

   Sensor Sizes of various DSLR models and compatible adapter

■ DSLR / Mirrorless DSLR
Sensor Type Sensor Size
Example of Equipped Models Description Adapter
36 x 24 Most 35mm film cameras
Sony DSLR-A900,
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, 5D Mark II, Nikon D3X, D3S, D700 etc
35mm film coverage NY-1S35
APS-H Size 28.7 x 19.1 Canon EOS-1D Mark III,
EOS-1D Mark IV etc
Smaller than 35mm film size and bigger than APS-C NY-1S
APS-C Size
23.4 x 16.7 Sony α580, 390, 55, 35, 33
Canon EOS60D, 50D, 7D, Rebel series, Nikon D7000, 5100 5000, 3100, 3000, 300S, 90
Pentax K-7, 5, X, R, etc
Currently, most common
DSLR sensor size
Sony α NEX-5, 3 etc NEX has short flange focal distance and may generate vignette depending on types of objective used. And so NY-1S35 is recommenced NY-1S35
Four Thirds 17.3 x 13.0 Olympus E-PL2, PL1, P2, 5, 30, 620
Panasonic DMC-GF3K, G3K, GH2, GF2, GH1 etc
DSLR and mirrorless DLSR standard created by Olympus, later joined by Panasonic. NY-1S

■ C-Mount Camera (CCD・CMOS etc) / USB Camera
2/3 Inch With built-in relay lens system also with zoom feature (0.35-0.7x),
C-mount camera adapter NY-CZ is compatible with most CCD sizes
(1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 inch)
1/1.7 Inch
1/2.3 Inch

   Sensor Size vs Shooting Range vs Microscope Field of View

 Illustration on the right
 summarizes 3 factors
 in one image
How to find F.O.V
for Olympus Eyepiece
GSWH : model name
10X : magnificaition

22 : F.O.V (φ22mm)
1 Shooting Image is based on the area visible with a 10x eyepiece
2 Make sure F.O.V of you particular eyepiece model
It varies even when magnifications is same
3 Common F.O.V range for high magnification microscope is 18-22
Common F.O.V range for is 22-27
Peripheral image of objective is distorted and out of focus compare to
the center area. Our adapter is optically designed to have shooting range within the FOV and able to capture quality images even to peripheral.

   Magnification and Calculation Method

 * Subject to change for improvement.


DSLR Microscope Adapter - Field of View (F.O.V) for APS-C, APS-H, 35mm Full Frame, FourThird

Calculation Example
Camera : Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Sensor Size : 22.3 x 14.9mm (approx 1.06inch)
LCD Monitor size : 3.0 in (wide)
Adapter : NY-1S (x 1.74)
Objective Lens : x 20
LCD Displayed
: 20 x 1.74 x (3/1.06)
 = x98.5 (approximate value)