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About Mecanusa

Company Profile
Company name
Mecanusa Inc
Mat Kitahara
Office Address
■ United States
 - Paramount Office
6411 Alondra Blvd, Paramount, CA90723
 - Van Nuys Office
7310 Ranchito Ave, Van Nuys, CA91405
■ Japan Office
1-301 Bear Hills, 1-5-18 Nishihara, Fujimino,
Saitama, Japan, 356-0028
TEL +81-49-278-5888 / FAX +81-49-278-5889
Bank Address
■ US
Citibank, N.A.
6750 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, California, 91405
TEL (818) 997-3607
■ Japan
Mizuho Bank ltd.
kamifukuoka, Fujimino-City, Saitama, Japan.
TEL +81-49-263-1111

 ■ Who is MeCan?
Founded on the basis of Mat Kitahara's technical knowledge, personal networks and experience aquired from years working for technical, OEM, and electronic materials divisions of Polaroid KK,
Mecan is planning and developing company of lab equipment, optical solution products for the area
of life science, medical science, biochemistry and biotechnology..

 ■ Business Philosophy
Our planet is beautiful “Me:美” residence “Can:舘” for all the earthling creatures. With our experience and knowledge in life science, Mecan think we can do something to save this beautiful
earth for the future generation. We want to start from small steps, with partners around the world
with common beliefs. In the process we consider the profit is the result of contribution to the society.
We strive to create services that eventually bring forth even greater contribution and not just the services which temporarily satisfies the demand of our customers.