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Order Information

  Terms and conditions

1 Selling prices
Unless otherwise specified they are In USD.
2 Fees other than product prices
Unless otherwise specified at the time of the quotation, shipping charges, vat, import tariffs, and service charges etc are not included.
3 Quality
We pay extra attention to maintaining quality.Please check the products upon delivery against shipping documents and inform us of any problem within 48 hours after the delivery.
4 Return policy
Basically we do not accept any returns or exchanges, however we will respond promptly with below claims: *Wrong products were shipped; *Any damage, defect etc is found in the products;
5 Remedies and Limitations
Should any product fail to perform as warranted or for any other claims arising from the purchase of products from us, our liability and your remedy are strictly limited to the purchase price or replacement, at our sole option, of the product sold.

 ■  Payment method

1 PayPal
We accept the payment via PayPal.
PayPal is an easy way to send money.
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2 Bank transfer
For private entities who is unable to use PayPal,
we accept advance payment by remittance to our bank account.
*Nnote that remittance charges at your local bank is your burden.
Net amount should be paid to our bank account.
Banker account and details will be notice on the confirmation mail.

3 NET30 - Payment after delivery.
For below institutions, we accept the payment within 30 days after delivery month.
- Schools (Incorporated educational institution.)
- Governmental and municipal offices.
- Incorporated administrative institutions.
- Incorporated hospital and incorporated medical institution.
- Listed Company.
- The company which meets criteria of our financial regulation.
* Please notice that we also set limits to the total amount that can be paid with NET30 for each category, by organization, or by product item. Made to order products must be paid in advance.

 ■  Shipping

1 Shipping Articles by Express Mail Service (EMS)
We deliver worldwide. The items are shipped from the Japanese Post office.
The shipping time is approximately 5-7 business days.
Packages can be traced by the tracking site immediately. You can enter the tracking number and track the package for yourself using this site.
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* When we do not have stockwe will let you know the expected shipping schedule by e-mail.

2 Shipping cost
It depends on the total weight of your purchased products.
Please refer to the list for approximate shipping cost for you region
Shipping Cost Table

We ship our items from JAPAN. You may be charged fee at the custom in your country. We can not know whether your package will be charged or not, and how much it will cost. In any case, the customs duty is the recipient's responsibility.
If duties have to be paid, you will usually receive a postcard from the local authorities. Taxes and duties can be paid at the post office.  - Please note that the payment method may change, depending on the country.

 ■  Order Conformation

Upon your order, we will send a confirmation mail with total price which then will include shipping and handling fees.
* Order will not be confirmed until you reply to the confirmation mail.

 ■  Privacy policy

We shall take the utmost care in preventing the disclosure, loss or damage of your personal information according to the personal information protection guidelines. For the further information on the personal information protection guidelines, please visit our privacy policy page.

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