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  MRV-ST - LED Rainbow Viewer (Plariscope strain viewer)

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 Wide view & Large working distance polarization strain viewer
A large LED polarized light stage (A4 size)
and a large-area observation analyzer make it
possible to inspect and observe a wide range
of objects, from small parts to large objects.
With simple and robust structure, we have
achieved a price point never seen before !
Cross Nicols / Sensitive Color Method (dual-use)
Cross Nicols Sensitive Color
For Transparent Resin, etc For glass or other
materials with less strain.

 Key Features

One device, Three obserbation method !
Using the front and back of a single filter allows
for a three-way observation (Cross Nicols,
Parallel Nicols, and Sensitive Color method ).

Cross Nicols Method
 Suitable for observing transparent objects with
 large strains, such as injection-molded resins.

Sensitive Color Method
 Objects with little strain, such as glass, are
 represented by the cross Nicol method as light
 and dark colors. With sensitive color method,
 the stress is colorized and becomes more evident.
Cross Nicols
(CD case)
Cross Nicols
(Plastic case)
Cross Nicols
Senstive Color
The high-brightness, polarized light source
with a A4 size large surface area allows to check
large specimens in their entirety. Also, no lamp
replacement is required for LED with 40,000 hours life.
With the macro stand, the working distance can easily
be adjusted to observe both thick and thin subjects.
You can even attach your camera at hand to the stand too.

 Camera Option (Expanded functionality with Canon PowerShot G7X MarkU )

  In addition to the optical zoom, the G7X Mark II
has an extended digital zoom of 8.2x and is
capable of ultra-macro photography from a
50mm distance. It enables observation and
imaging of ultra-small specimens up to A4 size.
 20.1 MP / 1" wide CMOS / ISO12800 / Full HD / Wi-Fi
Record video in Full HD (1920 x 1080) and
by connecting it to a TV with an HDMI cable,
a large number of people can observe and
evaluate the live images simultaneously.

 System Composition & Price

  MRV-ST Standard Set
1) Large base plate
2) Moving Pillar with Camera Mount
3) Polarizing Analyzer Holder
4) Cross & Parallel Nicol/
   Sensitive Color Analyzer
5) Large A4 size LED polarized light box
6) AC-DC Power Adapter

Product Item Code Price
 Rainbow Viewer ST (Standard Set) MRV-ST US$ 1,440

Recommended Optional Camera Set

1) PowerShot G7X Mark 2
2) 16GB SDHD card
3) Battery / Battery Charger
4) AC Adapter / USB Cable

Product Item Code Price
 Canon PowerShot G7X MarkU Set G7XM2-CSET US$ 924

★ Recommended (Rainbow Viewer + PowerShot G7X Mark Uset)
Product Item Code Price
 Rainbow Viewer ST
 + Canon PowerShot G7X MarkU Set
MRVST-G7X2 US$ 2,364


Main Unit
 LED lightbox luminous surface  High contrast linear polarizer - Size : 210 mm x 297 mm
 Analyzer filter  Linear Polarizer/High Transmittance Sensitive Color Plate
 External dimensions 177mm x 177mm
 Effective size 143 mm x 143 mm
 Working distance range  Lightbox to Analyzer Filter = 100 - 320mm adjustable
 Body Size  Base Plate 300 mm wide x 360mm deep
 Pillar height 574mm (from desktop surface)
 Weight  Body 2.7kg / LED lightbox 1.5kg
 Power supply (for lightbox)  Imput: AC 100-240V (50/60Hz) universal / Output: DC12V 1A
 1. Large base plate
 2. Moving Pillar with Camera Mount
 3. Polarizing Analyzer Holder
 4. Cross & Parallel Nicol/
  Sensitive Color Analyzer
 5. A4 size LED polarized light box
 6. AC-DC Power Adapter

Canon PowerShot G7X MarkU
 Image sensor  Effective pixels: 20.1 MP - 1.0" (1 inch) CMOS
 Max Still Image Pixels  RAW 5472 x 3648 pixels
 Max Video Pixels  Full HD: 1920 x 1080
 (60 fps: approx. 35 Mbps / 30 fps; 24 fps: approx. 24 Mbps)
 Focal length  35mm film equivalent : 8.8(W)-36.8mm(T) [24(W)-100mm(T)]
 Zoom range  Optical zoom magnification of 4.2x
 Digital zoom magnification: Approx. 4.0x
 Shooting distance
 (from the tip of the lens)
 Auto: 5cm to ∞ (W) / 40cm to ∞ (T) / Macro: 5cm to 50cm(W)
 Shooting range
 (at minimum shooting distance)
 94 x 63 mm (W) / 150 x 100 mm (T)
 ISO sensitivity
 (recommended exposure index)
 Auto, ISO 125-12800
 Size (width, height, depth)  105.5 x 60.9 x 42.2mm