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Rainbow Viewer MRV-330LP/FW


● Wide Field, Polarized Strain Inspection System
  Large A4 size luminous stage with wide polarizer viewing   window. Enables the strain inspection of large samples.
● Angle Adjustable with Sliding Pole
  The observation window can easily be adjusted to a
  desired height and viewing angle with sliding pole.
● Great portability with easy dismantling
  Able to broken down into three separate pieces.
  Easy to carry for inspections on the go.
● Digital Camera Holster (camera sold separate)

  Camera holster enables to attach almost any consumer
  digital cameras to MRV-330.
★ Adjustable for desired height and angle.    ★ Large A4 size light stage with wide viewing window 
 MRV-330 detect stress in such resins as polycarbonate or acrylic, and chemical products such as TAC, PET,
plastic film and glass. It is also equipped with a digital camera holster for image capture

Cross Nicols Cross Nicols
Cross Nicols Sensitive Color Cross Nicols Sensitive Color

 ■ Set Composition & Price

Rainbow Viewer
Cross nicols methed
Parallel nicols methed
US$ 2,220
Rainbow Viewer

+ MRV-FW )
Sensitive clr methed
Cross nicols methed
Parallel nicols methed
US$ 2,550

 ■ Optional Item

MBP-SM Super Mount
Super Mount enables small digital cameras (with no filter thread)

to be installed to Bio-Pyramid/Rainbow Viewer by utilizing tripod hole
more info
US$ 220
MRV-FW Sensitive Color Method Anlyzer
1λ sensitive color filter allows clear inspection of glass which
often contains only small amount of strains and difficult to detect.
US$ 330

 ■ Optional Equipment

Recommended digital camera set with all necessary options for gel documentation. Print out captured image directly from digital camera !
Price US$ 645
Price US$

 ■ System Composition & Price

Set Code Price System Composition
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓
MRV-330LP US$ 2,220
MRV33LP-S1SB US$ 2,865 
MRV-330FW US$ 2,550 
MRV33FW-S1SB US$ 3,195
  Product Code MRV-330LP1 MRV-FW  S1S-BSET  PM225
Price US$ 2,220 US$ 330  US$ 645  US$

 ■ Specification

 Polarizer  High contrast Lineaer polarizer
 Shooting distance  With Φ52mm sleeve : 310 mm
 With Universal Super Mount : 350 - 360 mm

 ★ Important
   Please select a camera that can be focused to shooting area at these ranges
 Stage polarizer size  180 x 270 mm
 Observation window size  100 x 40 mm
 Size  Width 395 mm x Depth 290 mm x Height 350 mm (exclude protuberance)
 Power  AC100V 50/60Hz
 weight  5kg
 1. Observation window 2. Body stage 3. Poll 4. Observation polarizer
 5. Digital camera holster 6. AC Adapter 7. User Guide