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  Linear Polarizer Glass

High precision, high durable Glass polarizer filter for 3D projection
Composed of high-durable, dye-type linear polarizer MUHD40S sandwiched in between optical glass,
it endures intense heat of theatrical projector and offer great longevity. In addition,
precision ground finish prevents image distortion and thus capable to produce a crisp 3D image.

 MPJ-LP200-45 - 200 x 200 mm
High quality linear polarizing glass for large theatrical 3D projection. Super durable linear polarizer MUHD40S is sandwiched in between heat/shock resistance glass BOROFLOAT(R)
In addition, both side of glass are precision grind finished.

Dye Type ・ Super durable polarizer
Film Structure

Item Code Absorb Axis Size Unit Price
MPJ-LP200-45 45° 20 x 20 cm | t = 6 mm $ 548