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  AR Coated Acrylic - High Durable Type (for Outdoor use)

How to cut ▼ Specification ▼
High Durable, multi AR coated acrylic (vapor deposition) for outdoor use. ARAC503T is
used as protective cover for safety check monitor at many train station platform in Japan

 ARAC503T - AR Coated Acrylic (High-durable type)

How AR works

Item Code Size Unit Price
ARAC503T 500 x 385 mm | t = 3 mm
(effective area 486 x 371 mm)
to inches
$ 176
* Bulk price available for more than 10 unit order

   How to cut acrylic

Easy to cut with an acrylic cutter
Dig groove with acrylic cutter.
When groove depth reaches 1/3 deep,
fold and cut using desk edge.


Specification & Inspection Criteria
 Size  500 x 385mm / t = 3mm
 Effective area  486 x 371mm
 Contact surface  Measured of Contact angle of distilled water 108°
 Scratch resistance  No.0000 steel-wool, 5 time both way with 1.5kg wt. damage should be less than 20
 Durability        heat-resistance  80℃ x 48 0 h Test OK
 moisture-resistance  60℃ x 90 %RH%RH x 48 0h
 hot water-resistance  60℃ x 48 0 h
 salt water-resistance  Salt spray (JIS Z2371) 25 days
 light-resistance  Xenon light / 900h
 adhesiveness  Cross hatch test x 3
 pencil hardness  JIS K-5400 4H