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  Polarizer 3D Glasses - Custome Design Special Order

Original 3D Glasses for special event, theatrical facility, etc.
With original design, logo, and the selection of optical axis, original 3D glasses can be
customized for particular theme for your project. Both linear and circular polarizer are available.

 Paper Frame - Custom Design 3D Glasses

High quality, original linear polarizer 3D glasses at budget Price !
Equipped with high quality polarizer (Cross transmittance < 0.8%) that is used even
for LCD displays, high-contrast 3D polarizer glasses eliminate even slightest ghost.

MOQ 50,000 unit
Lead time : approximately 3-4 month

* Sample evaluation : 2-4 weeks
* Mass production : 1.5-2 months

Please allow enough time for custom order
Please consider
off-the-shelf glasses
when time is limited.
Specification 3D Instruction

 Print : Front side 1C ・ 2C ・ 3C ・ full color (no print on reverse side)
 Design : Screen ・ Logo ・ Character
 Optical Axis : Linear, Opposing at 45 (A-shape)  * inquire for other angles.
 MOQ : 50,000 unit

 Plastic (ABS) Frame - Custom Design 3D Glasses

High quality 3D glasses with high-transmittance and high-contrast polarizer lens.
Durable and reusable plastic (ABS) frame. Color selection available from minimum 10,000 unit order.

MOQ 10,000 unit
Lead time : approximately 2.5 months

Available Frame colors :
(Red / Yellow / Purple / Blue / White)

* Linear and Circular polarizer available.
* Frame can not be folded
Specification 3D Instruction

 Frame Color : Red | Yellow | Purple | Blue | White
 Optical Axis : Linear, Opposing at 45 (A-shape)  * inquire for other angles.
 MOQ : 10,000 unit

   Optical Axis (absorption axis)

Polarizer lenses should be set in a way that optical axis
(absorption axis) for both left and right glasses are
crossed at 90 degree (perpendicular) to each other

Variations of angle combination :

1) R = +45° / L = -45° : A-shape (Opposing at 45°)
2) R = -45° / L = +45° : V-shape
3) R = Horizontal / L = Vertical : Vertical & Horizontal - 1
4) R = Vertical / L = Horizontal : Vertical & Horizontal - 2
5) R & L Circular Polarizer : Circular Polarizer type
* Type 1) is most common. Mecan original 3D glasses
is also Type1) off-the-shelf glasses. Please select
  axis conbination according to your own 3D setup.

Optical Axis
Film Structure

Ciruclar polarizer 3D system has many technical variations and there is no unified standard.
Mecan's circular polarizer 3D glasses is compliant to RealD system but we do not know compatibility of RealD system to all other circular 3D system variants. Therefore please text fist with sample set before implementing our 3D glasses to your own particular circular 3D polarizer system.