Microscope Specimen - Educational Purpose

Specimens for Biological Microscopy (Transmission microscope)
* Comes in a paulownia or plastic storage box
SP11 Plant & Animal (10 Types = P5+A5)
Leaf surface, leaf cross-section, pollen,
Butterflies' scales, insect trachea, fly's mouth organ, etc.
US$ 65
SB11 Plant (10 Types)
  Leaf surface, leaf cross-section,
calendula stem crossing, spores, pollen, etc.
US$ 53
SZ11 Animal (10 Types)
Butterfly scales, insect trachea, venomous needles,
fly mouth organ, Drosophila, blood cells*,
rhabdominal muscles*, small intestine*, etc. (*=rat)
US$ 75

SP12 Plant & Animal (20 Types = P10+A10)
Leaf surface, leaf cross-section, pollen,
stem crossing, spores, butterfly scales, Insect trachea,
fly's mouth organ, Drosophila, rhabdomeres, etc.
US$ 120
SB12 Plant (20 Types)
Leaf surfaces, leaf cross-sections, monocotyledons, dicotyledons, transverse fern spores on gymnosperm stems, morning glory pollen, cedar pollen, pollen tubes, tongue-like flowers, gummy scale hairs, etc.
US$ 105

SZ12 Animal (20 Types)
Amoeba, vorticella nebulifera, worms,
compound eyes of flies, mosquito heads
Sea cucumber bone fragments, slug section,
frog blood cells, rat blood cells, etc.
US$ 107

SM11 Microbiology (10 Types)
Amoeba, Paramecium, euglena,
vorticella nebulifera, Chlorella, Yeast, etc.
US$ 65
SP21 Plankton (10 Types)
closterium, diatom, daphnia,
cyclopid, baby club etc.
US$ 88
SB21 Bacteria (8 Types)
Cholera, typhus, dysentery, tuberculosis,
streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli
US$ 64
SP31 Pollen (10 Types)
Windborne pollen (pine, rice, corn, cedar, etc.)
Insectborne pollen (pumpkin, lily, morning glory,
pine needles), Pollen tube
US$ 49
SP41 Physiological Organ (10 Types) * Rat
Rhabdomere, smooth muscle, cartilage, small intestine, cerebrum, stomach wall, spleen, lung, kidney, blood
US$ 65

* All the preparatory specimens handled by our company are hand-collected
and manufactured by artisans. Therefore, the contents may change without notice,
depending on the collection conditions and season. Thank you for your understanding.