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  Optional Items for Microscope

Lighting ▼ Stage ▼ Camera ▼ Micrometer ▼

 ■ Lighting
Simple 5 US$ 160
LED Ring Light
Simple and powerful LED ring light with dimmer control. Trance built-in AC with direct connection to AC100V. Compatible with any microscope with 3-pin attachment (compatible size ≦Φ60mm)
HDR-LP US$ 440
LED Ring Light
Energy efficient, super long life, and stable color temperature LED light. It would not alter sample
appearance or shade color throughout intensity range.
Prevent samples from heat damages as well.
HDA Series from
US$ 980
High power LED Twin-Arm Light for Microscope
Flexible twin arms enables lighting from various angle.
Emphasizes light/shadow for realistic field depth view
3 colors (white, blue 470nm, Green 530nm) are available !
SDA Series from
US$ 430
LED Twin-Arm Light for Microscope
Slim and compact body, LED twin-arm light SDA series
can be set up even with limited desktop space.
3 LED colors (white, blue 470nm and Clan 505nm)
are available at convenient price !
US$ 580 LED Transmitted Illuminator
Super high-power LED Transmitted lighting for stereo-microscope. Suitable for observation at high magnification or even sample with thickness.
Intensity adjustable for desired level with dimmer dial.
High performance at convenient price !
US$ 440
LED Transmitted Light
LED transmitted light for fluorescent observation.
High power LED is concentrated onto center spot.
3 colors - White, Blue (470nm), Green (530nm) available.
MFH-FL US$ 190 Filter Holder System
Filter Holder system for microscope fluorescence observation. Able to combine with various lighting
devices. Stereo-Microscope fluorescence observation
at convenient price.
DSTL-W US$ 520
LED Transmitted Light - Large Area White LED
LED transmitted lighting for low magnification power Stereo-Microscope. Large surface area is evenly lit from below. Enables observation/documentation with precision.
MSC-RV US$ 860 Polarized Strain Inspection System for microscope
Equipped with polarized filter, LED transmitted, and filter holder, it enables to observe residual stress on resin, PET/TAC, film, and glass with both Nicol & Sensitive color method. It will upgrade microscope to strain inspection scope with minimum budget!

 ■ XY Stage
TS-XY-130 US$
XY Stage - 130mm Square
Dimention : 130 x 130 x 39 mm
Range of motion : Both Axes ±37.5mm
Weight limit : 5.0kg
Base dish : φ100mm
Weight : 920g

 ■ Camera + Microscope Adapter
US$ 1,432
Hard-Case USB2.0 Camera set
Great PC compatibility with USB2.0 interface.
Capable to import captured images directly to PC.
US$ 1,617
PC Direct USB Camera set
Extra small size makes it stable and safe to mounted on eyepiece tube as well. CCD sensor with wide latitude, capable of clearly rendering subtle color gradations in physiological specimen
US$ 977
C-mount CCD video camera (0.4 mp) set
Clear real time video image can be displayed by connecting to TV monitor/VCR (VTR). (Accessories : AC adapter,
TV cable (PIN BNC compatible), AC switch)
NYTG-6 US$ 1,369
Olympus TG-6 set
High-spec, compact digital camera and microscope adapter system. Microscope adapter and all other required options for microscope documentation are included.

 ■ Ocular and Stage Micrometer
& Stage
US$ 47
Wide selection of Microscope Micrometer
Ocular micrometer is a glass disk that fits to eyepiece
for measurement of sample. Stage micrometer is used
together with ocular micrometer for calibration.
Ocular & Stage Micrometer convenient set is also available.