LED Twin-Arm Illuminator - SDA-W4

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Flexible twin arms and high-power, directivity LED provides the capability to illuminate the sample from the desired angle and sufficient working distance. The minimalist concept and design achieved high quality at a budget price by eliminating redundancy in features.

Compact body (only 3.5cm width)
and capable of sitting comfortably behind
the microscope with limited desktop space !

Two pure white LEDs (temp 5000K) condensed respectively by dedicated lenses provide
sufficient brightness for microscope observation.
Flexible twin arm enables to adjust for
desired light angle and position
Dimmer control to adjust the light
intensity for different sample
A thin and small size light head.
The aluminum heat sink effectively dissipates
heat and prevents LED degradation.


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Product Item Code Price
 White LED Fiber Twin Arm illuminator
 (Light Angle = 17°)
SDA-W4 US$ 430
 White LED Fiber Twin Arm illuminator
 (Light Angle = 30°)
SDA30-W4 US$ 430
1. Main Body:
 - Power Control unit
 - Fiber arm unit
 - LED unit (white)
2. AC-DC adapter
3. L-shape conversion plug

   Optional Item



 Power Supply  AC100V ( please use supplied adapter )
 Light Source  High power, high efficiency and CRI LED
 LUXEION (high color rendering property) by Philips Lumileds
 Pure white with color temperature 5,000K
 Less color variation with 3-stem MacAdam Ellipses LED
 Brightness  75,000 lx for one led at maximum intensity (5cm distance / TYP value)
 Power Consumption  4W (at the maximum brightness)