LED Twin-Arm Illuminator - HDA-TW3

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■ Compact, piggyback type !
■ Power adjustable at fixed color temperature
■ Low-heat to prevent sample damage
■ Twin flexible arm to provide desired light
  angle, and the realistic rendering of field
  depth with emphasized light/shadow
■ LED life = 30,000 hours !
■ Blue and Green LED type also available !

   Set Composition & Price

Product Item Code Price
 White LED Twin Arm main unit
 + AC-DC adapter
 + Mounting Adapter
HDA-TW3 US$ 980
Microscope Code Post type
Nikon SMZ-645 HDA-TW3-SMZ645 Prismatic
Nikon SMZ or other HDA-TW3-SMZ Cylinder w/Φ24.5mm
Olympus SZ61 HDA-TW3-SZ61 Prismatic
Any microscope HDA-TW3-Super5 Universal
* Microscope Mounting Adapters. (Select one from 4 types)
Please select Universal adapter when uncetain of which you may require

   Optional Item

Photomicrograph System
Olympus TG set
Blue / Green LED type for fluorescence excitation and Filter holder set
  Diffusion filter HDA-DF (x2)
$ 82.00
  Polarized filter PL-20 (x2) $ 82.00
  Sharp-cut filter (yellow) Y-48 (x2) $ 82.00
  Sharp-cut filter (Green) G-533 (x2) $ 82.00
  Sharp-cut filter (Red) R-60 (x2) $ 82.00
  Sharp-cut filter (Blue) LB-80 (x2) $ 82.00