Halogen Fiber Light - LA-100USW-S/W

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High-CRI Halogen fiber arm Light
with a remote control feature!

Lightweight, compact, and multipurpose
with a direct current light system.
Remote feature let you turn the light on/off,
control dimmer, and detects bulb burnout.
Single and Twin arm available!

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Product Item Code Price
 Halogen Fiber Arm Light
 - Single Arm Guide
LA-100-USW-S US$ 610
 Halogen Fiber Arm Light
 - Twin Arm Guide
LA-100-USW-W US$ 770

   Optional Item

  Condenser Lens SH-F30 (x1) *1
$ 48.00
  Halogen Lamp JCR12V100W10H (x1)
$ 44.00
  Diffusion Filter KF-20 (x1) *1
$ 41.00
  Polarized Filter PL-20 (x1) *1 $ 41.00
  Sharp-Cut Filter (Yellow) Y-48 (x1) *1 $ 41.00
  Sharp-Cut Filter (Green) G-533 (x1) *1 $ 41.00
  Sharp-Cut Filter (Red) R-60 (x1) *1 $ 41.00
  Sharp-Cut Filter (Blue) LB-80 (x1) *1 $ 41.00
* 1 - The price is for one unit. Please purchase two for twin arm.
* The color filter is heat resistant, and it is installable both to tips of the
 condenser lens or directly onto the light head.
 Please install the diffusion and polarized filter at the tips of the condenser lens.


Power Unit
Input Voltage Capacity
Rated Input Frequency
Intensity Adjustment
 :Voltage Range
 :Light Intensity Range  
Cooling System
Lamp Format
Lamp Color Temperature
:AC100V - 240V(±10%)
:Less than 130W
:Front panel volume switch
 :DC3V - 12V
 :2 - 100%
:automatic fan cooling
:approx 2.0kg
:W74 x H115 x D33
Light Guide

* Iamge is Twin-Arm LAG2-5L500N

Single-Arm ・Total Length = 500mm

Twin-Arm ・ Total Length = 500mm