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LED Transmitted Light for Stereo-Microscope
LED-BX Series


GFP observation with Transmitted Light !
Blue LED Light Box (transilluminator)
Shell type LED (100 unit) is used. Diffusion processed filter enables
large surface to be lit evenly. Capable for electrophoresis gel cut-out.  
● Safe visible ray
● Long life LED
● Effifient power usage and Eco-friendly
● High power shell LED x100
● Easy gel cut-out in a bright room !

 ■ Set Composition & Prices

Code #  Component Price
BLED-BX Blue LED (at 470nm) Gel Cut-out Transmitted light unit
 + Contrast up
Orange Goggle (with UV cut feature)
 + Orange filter Tray
 + 100V AC-DC adapter
US$ 630

Code #  Component Price
CLED-BX Cyan LED (at 505nm)Gel Cut-out Transmitted light unit
 + Contrast up
Red Goggle (with UV cut feature)
 + 100V AC-DC adapter
US$ 680

 ■ Specification

 Eeffective area
140mm x 85mm
 Wavelength 470nm 505nm
 LED High Power Blue LED
x 100
High Power Green LED
x 160
 Filter Acrylic bandpass 470nm Acrylic bandpass
 Power source AC-DC Adapter
In put100V/Out put 24V 0.5A
AC-DC Adapter
In put100V/Out put 24V
 Size and weight W180mm x D120mm x 45mm
SYBR Green, SYBR Gold,
SYPRO Ruby,SYPRO Orange,
FIT, GFP, EGFP, etc.
EtBr, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green. DsRed, Gel Red, Gel Green, Flamingo, FITC etc