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  IR Cut / Contrast Filter - MFC65-52

IR Cut - Contrast Filter (cut 650 to 1100nm) will eliminate unwanted Infrared background that is often captured along in the gel documentation/Imaging.

IR Cut ・Contrast Filter - cut 650 to 1100nm
Long exposure often captures along unwanted
background glow in the image which is caused by heat
generated from transilluminator's fluorescent tube.
IR cut filter would help to eliminate the glow
and enables to capture high contrast image.

Product Item Code Price
IR Cut - Contrast Filter (Cut 650 to 1100nm) MFC65-52 US$ 130


Φ52mm with metal filter frame
(Pitch 0.7mm)

Contrary to the standard cold filter, MFC65-52 has cutting range at
narrower wavelength side.
As a result it enables to completely eliminate background glow and
captures high-contrast image.
Digital camera are often equipped
with built-in IR filters and prevents
IR leakage to be captured along. However, camera with night-shot feature often captures unwanted
IR leakage from the lamps along.
In the same way, IR background would stand out when fluorescent is weak and exposed to UV for long period of time. Contrast filter would help to increases image sharpness in such instances.