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  Gel Documentation System - Bio Pyramid mini/SmartPhone

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Compact and Light weight Gel Documentation System with SmartPhone
Easy Gel Documentation with SmartPhone equipped with high sensitivity camera.
Complete system with high power LED transilluminator enables to capture quality fluorescence images.

gel documentation system

gel documentation system
■ Gel Documentation in New Era
  Ever‐advancing smartphones camera is now sufficient tools for gel documentation !
  Bio-Pyramid mini with smartphone can now be great support tool for your gel doc needs!
■ Clear and sharp image even with weak bands
  High sensitivity smartphones cam can capture quality image of even weak fluorescence bands.
  Free apps such as "Night Shot" enhances ability to capture clear and sharp images.
■ Real-time observation with large HD monitor
  Wired or Wi-Fi connection via HDMI enables real-time output to display,
  share images with people in remote place. It can also be great remote educational tool .
■ Compatible also with other smartphone brands/models.
  It can also be attached to other smartphones brands/models with DIY attaching adapter.
■ Great educational tool for smart-device era !
  Great gel doc options in smartphones era. Together with various convenient smart phone apps
  and social networking services, it opens up various possibility for distance learning too !

User's Manual
User's Manual

   Set Composition & Price

gel documentation system
Product Item Code  Price
 MBPmini-M75 + iPhone7/8 adapter MBPmi-iPA7 US$ 714
 MBPmini-M75 + iPhone6/6S adapter MBPmi-iPA6 US$ 714
 MBPmini-M75 + Universal DIY adapter
* Smartphone case and DIY process required
MBPmi-DPA  US$ 704

   Optional Items

UV Illuminator
UV transilluminator
UV transilluminator
LED Illuminator
LED transilluminator
Additional iPhone adapter
(for iPhone 6/6S or 7/8)
Universal DIY adapter
for other smartphone brands/models
Price US$ 94
Price US$ 84
Compatible with all
Bio-Pyramid gel hood
Smartphone case and DIY process required

MFC65-52 US$ 130 gel imaging IR Cut - Contrast Filter (cut 650 to 1100nm)
Unwanted background glow is often captured along with long exposure. IR cut filter would help to capture high contrast image.
MF-SC60A US$ 69 gel imaging SC60 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of EtBr, Gel Red, SYPRO Red, DS Red etc
MF-SC56A US$ 33 gel imaging SC56 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange, GFP etc, with BLUE LED.
YG-SC57 US$ 66 gel imaging Gel Cut Goggle (LED505-TR60W standard accessory)
Gel cut Goggle (cut<570nm) usable for Blue/Green excitation. High contrast filter enable to observe sharp images. Wearable over glass
LBX-TR US$ 43 gel imaging Gel Tray
Made by UV transmitted acrylic, it can be placed on top of
UV transilluminator for observation and documentation.
MBP-FW US$ 20 gel imaging Shield Mat for Bio-Pyramid mini
Shield mat restrict emission area and prevent UV leakage
when using with large size UV transilluminator.
MBP-FTG US$ 13 gel imaging Gel Target (mini-gel size)
Convenient tool for zooming and for adjusting shooting range.
Same size as Mini Gel (52mm x 59mm).

   System Composition & Price

 Set Code Price System Composition    
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓  
* Select from below set for iPhone 6/6s/7/8 
 MBPmi-iPA US$ 714 gel documentation system
 US$ 2,104 gel documentation system LED transilluminator
US$ 1,634 gel documentation system LED transilluminator
Product Code MBPmi-M75 MBP-iPA LED505-TR60W


Price US$ 620 US$ 94 US$ 1,390 US$ 920
** For other smartphone brands and models, please contact us for DIY adapter set.


 Bio-Pyramid Mini (MBP-mini) - Main Console 
 Maximum Shooting Area  167 mm x 147 mm (interior dimension at the bottom)
 Shooting Distance
 (distance to lens)
 Approx 214 mm (distance to the tip of the lens )
 Filter  Use φ52mm filter
 Material  Hood : ABS / Bottom : Foam rubber
 Accessories  Built-in φ52mm sleeve / MF-SC56A
 Weight  Approximately 1.0 kg
 Size (mm)  W187 x D167 (exterior) Hight : 214 mm
gel imaging system