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  Gel Documentation System - Bio Pyramid mini/CCD Camera Set

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Bio Pyramid Mini Gel Doc System with High Sensitivity CCD Camera !
Bio-Pyramid Mini is ideal size for mini gel observation and Mecan's LED Transilluminator linups !
It is comprehensive gel solution system, enables to observe with live video and capture still photo.

gel documentation system

Space-saving, light weight CCD camera
gel doc system with PC control feature.
Ideal for our LED transilluminator lineups !
High sensitivity even with COMS sensor.
Achieved 20x more sensitivity (than old model)
without high-end cooled CCD camera.
High definition & bright F1.4 zoom lens
would capture even weak fluorescence bands.
1.3MP USB cam enables to capture quality
movie/photo and import directly to PC.
Complete gel system at budget price
comes with easy to operate software.

User's Manual

   Set Composition & Price

gel documentation system
Product Item Code  Price
Bio-Pyramid Mini (CCD Model) + CCD Camera Set MBPmi-CCD  US$ 1,520

   Optional Items

UV Illuminator
UV transilluminator
UV transilluminator
LED Illuminator
LED transilluminator
Gel Documentation with iPhone !
Universal attachment to attach other smart phone models available too.

MFC65-52 US$ 130 gel imaging IR Cut - Contrast Filter (cut 650 to 1100nm)
Unwanted background glow is often captured along with long exposure. IR cut filter would help to capture high contrast image.
MF-SC60A US$ 69 gel imaging SC60 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of EtBr, Gel Red, SYPRO Red, DS Red etc
MF-SC56A US$ 33 gel imaging SC56 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange, GFP etc, with BLUE LED.
YG-SC57 US$ 66 gel imaging Gel Cut Goggle (LED505-TR60W standard accessory)
Gel cut Goggle (cut<570nm) usable for Blue/Green excitation. High contrast filter enable to observe sharp images. Wearable over glass
LBX-TR US$ 43 gel imaging Gel Tray
Made by UV transmitted acrylic, it can be placed on top of
UV transilluminator for observation and documentation.
MBP-FW US$ 20 gel imaging Shield Mat for Bio-Pyramid mini
Shield mat restrict emission area and prevent UV leakage
when using with large size UV transilluminator.
MBP-FTG US$ 13 gel imaging Gel Target (mini-gel size)
Convenient tool for zooming and for adjusting shooting range.
Same size as Mini Gel (52mm x 59mm).

   System Composition & Price

 Set Code Price System Composition    
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 MBPmi-CCD US$ 1,520 gel documentation system
 US$ 2,910 gel documentation system LED transilluminator
US$ 2,440 gel documentation system LED transilluminator
Product Code MBPmi-M75 CCD-BSET LED505-TR60W


Price US$ 620 US$ 900 US$ 1,390 US$ 920


 Bio-Pyramid Mini (MBP-mini) - Main Console 
 Maximum Shooting Area  167 mm x 147 mm (interior dimension at the bottom)
 Shooting Distance
 (distance to lens)
 Approx 214 mm (distance to the tip of the lens )
 Filter  Use φ52mm filter
 Material  Hood : ABS / Bottom : Foam rubber
 Accessories  Built-in φ52mm sleeve / MF-SC56A
 Weight  Approximately 1.0 kg
 Size (mm)  W187 x D167 (exterior) Hight : 214 mm
gel documentation system

 Power Cons / Power-supply  0.75W (150mA) / DC+5V (USB bus power)
 Operation / Storage temp  -5℃ to +45℃ / -5℃ to +50℃
 Operation / Storage Humidity  below 90%Rh (must to be condensed)
 Image Sensor / Pixel  1/3 inch CMOS sensor / 1305 × 977
 Camera / Lens Mount  1.3 MP CMOS sensor / CS mount
 Output  HD (30fps), VGA (60fps)
 USB / Cable length  USB video class & USB bus power compatible /
 less than 3 meter long recommened
 System Requirement  CPU 800MHz or more, memory 512MB or more
 USB 2.0 port
 System Recommened  CPU Intel Core iTM series or newer,
 memory 2 GB or more, USB 2.0 port,
 monitor resolution 1920 × 1080 or more
 Operation confirmed OS  Vista  32bit/64bit
 Win7  32bit/64bit
 Win8  32bit/64bit
 Win10 32bit/64bit
 ★ not compatible with XP, Apple products