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  Gel Documentation System - Bio Pyramid

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fluorescence excitation LED transmitted light for stereo microscope
Gel documentation conveniently in
lighted room just like old Polaroid system !
Light and easy to handle resinous hood.
Quality Gel-Doc system at budget price !
Compatible with most consumer digital camera.
Equipped with large UV cut observation window.

User's Manual

   Set Composition & Price

Product Item Code  Price
Bio-Pyramid Basic Set
(camera not included)
MBP-01  US$ 920
Bio-Pyramid Basic Set + Canon G7XM2 Set MBP01-G7XM2  US$ 1,954

   Optional Items

UV Illuminator

High quality UV Transilluminator equipped with high contrast filter
capable to eliminate background
All included digcam set let you start documentation right away !
(require MBP-G7X62 adapter <sold separately> to attach it to MBP-01)

MFC65-52 US$ 130 IR Cut - Contrast Filter (cut 650 to 1100nm)
Unwanted background glow is often captured along with long exposure. IR cut filter would help to capture high contrast image.
MF-SC60A US$ 69 SC60 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of EtBr, Gel Red, SYPRO Red, DS Red etc
MF-SC56A US$ 33 SC56 Sharp-Cut Filter
For observation of SYBR Green, SYPRO Orange, GFP etc, with BLUE LED.
YG-SC57 US$ 66 Gel Cut Goggle (LED505-TR60W standard accessory)
Gel cut Goggle (cut<570nm) usable for Blue/Green excitation. High contrast filter enable to observe sharp images. Wearable over glass
LBX-TR US$ 43 Gel Tray
Made by UV transmitted acrylic, it can be placed on top of
UV transilluminator for observation and documentation.
MBP-FTG US$ 13 Gel Target (mini-gel size)
Convenient tool for zooming and for adjusting shooting range.
Same size as Mini Gel (52mm x 59mm).

   System Composition & Price

 Set Code Price  System Composition  
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓ 
MBP-01 US$ 920
adapter ring
Select one
for your camera model
MBP01-UV312 US$ 2,530
MBP01-G7XM2 US$ 1,954
US$ 3,564
Product Code MBP-01 MBP-UV312 G7XM2-CSET MBP-G7X62
Price US$ 920 US$ 1,610 US$ 924 US$ 110


 Maximum Shooting Area  265 x 205 mm (* interior dimension)
 Shooting Distance  310mm with Φ52mm sleeve
★ Select a camera that can be focused to shooting area at these ranges
 Compatible Filter Size  Glass Filter :Φ52mm
 Gelatin Filter :75mm Square Filter
 Viewer Window  UV Shield Filter - Transmission rate at 220-450nm
 MAX 0.09% , Average 0.02%
 * measured value , not guaranteed value
 Size  Width 287 x Depth 227mm (= External Dimensions)
 x Hight 310mm
 Weight  1040 g
 Material  Hood : ABS Resin
 Ground Contact Area : Rubber
 Viewer Window Filter : Acrylic Resin
 Standard Accessory   Built-in Gelatine filter Tray
 Built-in Φ52mm Connecting Sleeve
 Standard Filters : ALSC-56 filter / SC-58 filter / SC-60 filter