Dramatic Effect of Compound Dichroic Filter
ダイクロイック・フィルター 蛍光励起LED照明の効果
No Dichroic Filter
Unable to identify scale at the right end
W/ Dichroic Filter
Scale at the right end can be seen clearly
Single color LED used for fluorescence excitation has bandwidth to some extent, and causes unwanted background glow to be captured along when documenting gel. Consequently, it is often
difficult to observe the band with regular LED lighting system, especially when Ex/Em wavelengths are too close or fluorescence is too weak. LED505-TR60W (Cyan), LED470-TR60W (Blue) and darkfield type LED470-DF36W (Cyan), LED505-DF36W (Blue) solved this problem with newly developed
compound dichroic filter. With its ability to cut wavelengths at extremely sharp angle,
compound dichroic filter effectively eliminate unwanted background glow.
Dichroic filter is multilayered vapor deposition filter that is often integrated into fluorescent microscope lighting.
Our special filter has additional layer to prevent sub-reflection from the band emission. (patent pending)
LC525 on the right figure shows spectral transmittance of compound dichroic filter.
It cuts off unwanted long waves over 530nm
which is generated from LED light source.
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