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  Cold Filter (IR Cut Filter) & Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA)

 Optically Clear Adhesive (Roll)

Both MPD62 and M3D49 are transparent adhesive for optical applications that do not interfere
with polarization and other phases. These are OCA (with no substrate) with excellent transparency
and weather resistance, suitable for applying various optical films to displays.

Adhesive (OCA)

optical adhesive film

Adhesive (OCA)

optical adhesive film
Optically Clear Adhesive Optically Clear Adhesive
MPD62 M3D49
Roll Type Roll Type
620 mm width / T = 0.025mm
490 mm width / T = 0.025mm

 IR Cut Cold Filter

With the dielectric multilayer coating, a high-transparent cold filter (IR filter) allows visible light to
pass through but cuts out heat and infrared rays and prevents degradation of the polarizing filter.

IR cut - cold filter

Cold filter
IR Cut - Cold Filter
Dielectric Multilayer Coating
Polished base glass accurately projects images from the 3D projector.