Microscope Slide - Sample Specimen

 Microscope Specimen
Ocular Micrometer for Microscope
 Systemic Organ
Ocular Micrometer for Microscope
Educational purpose specimens
(for transmission microscope)
Whole organ tissue preparations
High-quality specimens recommended even
by leading Japanese microscope makers !
We offer a wide range of specimens from
organisms, animals, plants, microbes,
and fungi to physiological samples.
Comes in a paulownia or plastic storage box.
Rat HE staining eight sheets, covering 39 organs,
all organs preparations. This is an advanced preparatory specimen designed for a
university medical school teaching practice. 

* All the preparatory specimens handled by our company are hand-collected
and manufactured by artisans. Therefore, the contents may change without notice,
depending on the collection conditions and season. Thank you for your understanding.