Microscope Illuminators

From old school halogen type to new and now mainstream LED type, wide selection of
microscope illuminators in lineups. Transmitted-light, epi-light, or LED illuminators specialize
for fluorescence excitation, you will be able to find one for your specific purposes and needs !

LED Epi-Illuminator

LED Transmitted illuminator

LED Epi-Illumination for stere-omicroscope LED Transmitted Light
LED Ring Light, LED Twin-Arm Light, and
rich color rendering halogen fiber light.
Variety of Epi-illuminators available.
High luminance type, wide surface type
or LED for fluorescence excitation, you can
simply placing it on microscope stage
for easy transmitted light observation !


LED for Fluorescence Excitation

Polariscope System

LED for Fluorescence Excitation LED for Fluorescence Excitation
Transmitted, epi twin-arm, or flashlight
and more ! Energy efficient, long life, single wavelength (narrow bandwidth) LED is ideal light source for fluorescence excitation.
Microscope Polariscope system for easy
strain inspection/documentation !
MSC-RV enables inspection of micro parts residual stress with simple microscope.