Olympus TG-6 Set - NYTG-6

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<NEW> TG-6 - Microscope Adapter System
Caused a sensation in the realm of
photomicrography with astonishing image quality !

Tough yet light weight and handy System.
Both for regular camera use or microscope purpose,
TG-6 is hottest compact digi-cam at the time !

High-speed movies : 120fps(FHD)/ 480fps (SD)
Microscope mode enables super high magnification
shooting even without microscope.
Full HD resolution video up to 60 fps.
Wi-Fi connectivity with smartphone app
Compact and light body with only 8.92 oz (253g)
TV monitor output with HDMI cable
AC adapter as standard accessories
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   The Smallest & Lightest Camera x Adaper System

Approximately half size of the prior
smallest system (Nikon Coolpix P340)
Ideal for attachment to eyepiece tubes
of small size microscope.

   Easy bayonet mount attachment

   Microscope Mode

Micorscope Mode enables high magnification
shooting (macro shooting) without microscope.
Convinient for field work or for such sample
that is hard to observe with microscope.

   Image/Movie output to external monitor with HDMI (4K compatible)

HDMI connection enables high resolution,
real-time monitor output without delay.
Large external monitor provide you
great ease in terms of focus adjustment.
4K movie capable as well.

   Image quality comparable even to DSLR

With 12MP still photo and 4K movie capability,
TG-6 stands even comparison with DSLR in
performance. It is trailblazer of current
compact digital camera world !

   Compatible with all TG models

   Set Composition & Price

 Olympus STYLUS TG-6
 SD Card (16GB)    Memory Card 
 Viewer Mirror  LVM-3.5W
 Microsope Adapter (for TG-6)
Set Price   US$ 1,369

   Optional Item

 Olympus PT type phototube sleeve   NY-BH US$ 53
 JIS type phototube sleeve  NY-JIS US$ 53
 Ocular Micormeter for Microscope Adapter    S11-CF US$ 120