C-Mount Camera Microscope Adapter - Field of View (F.O.V)

Q:What's the magnification of NY-CZ built-in relay lens ?

The magnification of the relay-lens can be variable depending on such other factor
as CCD/CMOS size, monitor size, or print size etc, as to it is almost meaningless
to describe in numbers. In practical term, it is more important what percentage
of image seen through eyepiece can be captured.

 Illustration on the right
 summarizes 3 factors
 in one image
* High magnification zoom decreases a coverage area whereas low magnification zoom increases it

How to find F.O.V
for Olympus Eyepiece
GSWH : model name
10X : magnificaition

22 : F.O.V (φ22mm)
1 Shooting Image is based on the area visible with a 10x eyepiece
2 Make sure F.O.V of you particular eyepiece model
It varies even when magnifications is same
3 Common F.O.V range for high magnification microscope is 18-22
Common F.O.V range for is 22-27
Peripheral image of objective is distorted and out of focus compare to
the center area. Our adapter is optically designed to have shooting range within the FOV and able to capture quality images even to peripheral.

   Magnification and Calculation Method

C-Mount CCD/CMOS camera Microscope Adapter - Field of View (F.O.V) . Compatible with 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 CCD/CMOS  sensor sizes. Enable to capture image with no vignetting
 * Subject to change for improvement.

Calculation Example
Sensor Format : 1/2 inch
Monitor Size : 17 inch
Adapter : NY-CZ (with Max 0.7x zoom)
Objective Lens : x 20
LCD Displayed
: 20 x 0.7 x (17/0.5)
 = 476x (approximate value)