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Microscope Digital Camera Adapter

Microscope adapters for DSLR, compact camera, camcorder, and C-mount camera. Quality built-in relay lens minimizes optical errors and produces sharp images

 Best online selection of Microscope Digital Camera Adapter!!
  Our adapters are designed and developed specifically to lens system of each camera medel.
  And it eliminate vignette, minimizing optical errors successfully which are often associated with
  digital camera microscope adapter.
DSLR adapter replaces camera lens and can be attached directly to camera body, therefore It brings
out the maximum potential of objective lens.
The adapter is compatible with various DSLR models just by changing maker attachment.
Convenient for those who want to capture microscope photo with no hassle at all ! Camera zoom can be used with compact digicam and rough focusing on microscope would make camera focusing to follow automatically.
By utilizing high zoom camcorders, our HD camcorder adapter successfully minimizes optical error and obtain high quality image. MA-HDS is compatible with Φ30, 37, 43, 46mm filter size camcorder with conversion ring adapter C-Mount camera microscope adapter NY-CZ
is equipped with high pricision zoom relay lens
(0.35 - 0.7 x). Compatible with most C-mount CCD/CMOS camera models !