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  MRV330 - Rainbow Viewer

★ This item is currently SOLD OUT ★

● Wide Field, Polarized Strain Inspection System

  Large A4 size luminous stage with wide polarizer
  viewing window. Enables the strain inspection
  of large samples.
● Angle Adjustable with Sliding Pole
  The observation window can easily be adjusted to a
  desired height and viewing angle with sliding pole.
● Great portability with easy dismantling
  Able to broken down into three separate pieces.
  Easy to carry for inspections on the go.
● Digital Camera Holster (camera sold separate)

  Camera holster enables to attach almost
  any consumer digital cameras to MRV-330.
★ Adjustable for desired height and angle.   
 ★ A4 size light stage with wide viewing window    ★ CCD Camera Set is Available as well 
 MRV-330 detect stress in such resins as polycarbonate or acrylic, and chemical products such as TAC, PET,
plastic film and glass. It is also equipped with a digital camera holster for image capture

Cross Nicols Cross Nicols
Cross Nicols Sensitive Color Cross Nicols Sensitive Color

 ■ Set Composition & Price

Rainbow Viewer
Cross nicols methed
Parallel nicols methed
US$ 2,220
Rainbow Viewer

+ MRV-FW )
Sensitive clr methed
Cross nicols methed
Parallel nicols methed
US$ 2,550

 ■ Optional Item

MBP-SM Super Mount
Super Mount enables small digital cameras (with no filter thread)

to be installed to Bio-Pyramid/Rainbow Viewer by utilizing tripod hole
more info
US$ 220
MRV-FW Sensitive Color Method Anlyzer
1λ sensitive color filter allows clear inspection of glass which
often contains only small amount of strains and difficult to detect.
US$ 330

 ■ Optional Equipment

CCD Camera Set  
Achieved appox 20 times more sensitivity than previous model.
The system comes with easy to use operation software.
Price US$ 900

 ■ System Composition & Price

 Set Code Price System Composition    
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓  
MRV-330LP US$ 2,220
MRV33LP-CCD  US$ 3,240
MRV-330FW US$ 2,550
MRV33FW-CCD  US$ 3,570
Price US$ 2,220 US$ 330  US$ 900 US$ 120

 ■ Specification

 Polarizer  High contrast Lineaer polarizer
 Shooting distance  With Φ52mm sleeve : 310 mm
 With Universal Super Mount : 350 - 360 mm

 ★ Important
  Please select a camera that can be focused to shooting area at these ranges
 Stage polarizer size  180 x 270 mm
 window size
 100 x 40 mm
 Size  Width 395 mm x Depth 290 mm x Height 350 mm (exclude protuberance)
 Power  AC100V 50/60Hz
 weight  5kg
 1. Observation window 2. Body stage 3. Poll 4. Observation polarizer
 5. Digital camera holster 6. AC Adapter 7. User Guide
 CCD Camera 
 Pwr Cons / Supply  0.75W (150mA) / DC+5V (USB bus power)
 OPS / Storage temp  -5℃ to +45℃ / -5℃ to +50℃
 OPS / Storage Humidity  below 90%Rh (must to be condensed)
 Image Sensor / Pixel  1/3 inch CMOS sensor / 1305 × 977
 Camera / Lens Mount  1.3 MP CMOS sensor / CS mount
 Output  HD (30fps), VGA (60fps)
 USB / Cable length  USB video class & USB bus power compatible /
 less than 3 meter long recommened
 System Requirement  CPU 800MHz or more, memory 512MB or more
 USB 2.0 port
 System Recommened  CPU Intel Core iTM series or newer,
 memory 2GB or more, USB 2.0 port,
 monitor resolution1920 × 1080 or more
 Operation confirmed OS  Vista  32bit/64bit
 Win7  32bit/64bit
 Win8  32bit/64bit
 Win10 32bit/64bit
 ★ not compatible with XP, Apple products