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Micro Rainbow Viewer / MSC-RV

■ MSC-RV - Polarized Strain Inspection System for Stereo-Microscope
● Dual-Use Polarizer Analizer
  Able to use both for Cross Nicols and Sensitive
  Color methods. Simple and easy to opearate.
● Compact and light, great portability.
  Easy to disassemble (and reassemble)
  Come in handy for inspection on the road !
● Flexible expandability
  This simple system will upgrades your
  stereo-microscope to transmitted strain
  inspection scope! Stereo microscope,
  plus digital cameras set are also available.
 Sample Images
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Cross Nicols

Sensitive Color

 ■ Set Composition & Price (Basic Set | MSC-RV)

Product Code Component Price
MSC-RV * 3 parts shown above US$ 860

 ■ Optional Equipment

Digital Camera Set
High quality, Trinocular
(direct C-mount) Zoom stereo microscope at convenicent price
Canon EOS DSLR set consist of microscope adapter and all other required item for photomicrograph.
Price US$ 1,260 

Price US$

 ■ System Composition & Price

Set Code Price System Composition
Copy & Paste it to inquiry/order form ↓↓
MSC-RV US$ 860
MSCRV-YS05Z US$ 2,120
  Product Code MSC-RV YS05Z NY1S-EOST5iM
Price US$ 860 US$ 1,260  US$

 ■ Optional Item

PM225 US$ Epson Direct Photo Printer
90 / 95 / 100
US$ 20 Acrylic Stage Plate
You can fix LED light to the microscope stage with Acrylic Stage Plate 3 sizes, Φ90mm (for Nikon) / Φ95mm (YS05Z) / Φ100mm (YS05Z) are available