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  MLPH-R570 - Sensitive Color Strain Inspection Plate

 Sensitive Color Plate
The sensitive color inspection plate is composed of linear polarizer + 1/1 λ film. It enables strain inspection of such material as glass and acrylic which contains relatively small amount strains.
Available from one unit.

 ■ Spec & Price

 Sensitive Color Plate
 Material  Acrylic
 Linear Polarizer  MLPH40
 * abs axis at parallel
 1/1 Lambda film  MGR570
 * retardation axis at 45
 Retardation  570nm

Item Code   Size  Unit Price 
MLPH-R570 127 x 127 mm | t = 1mm  $ 189.00

★ Please inquire for bulk price for more that 10 unit order