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Double-Coated Adhesive Tape

■ MCS70

Double-coated adhesive film for optical film lamination
CS70 is composed only with adhesive layer (no base film)
Ultra thin yet strong adhesive power. Clean and high transparency.
Suited for bonding optical films to flat display surfaces

Dose not interfere with polarization/phase of an optical film.
Superior transparency.
Suitable for bonding materials such as glass and polycarbonate to plastics.
High quality and durable under irradiation, high temperature and humidity.      

 ■ Price

  ** MCS70 is Roll type product
width 700mm - Thickness 0.025mm
Composed only with adhesive layer
with no base films.

Item Code   Size    Unit Price 
- Roll
Width 700mm
1 - 9 m $33/m
10 - 29 m $27/m
30 - 49 m $25/m
50 m = 1 roll $1,100 =$22/m

 ■ Specification

Specification - MCS70
■ Performance 
Glass only Slide glass + MCS70 
Total light transmission rate 91.7% 92.3%
Hayes 0.5% 0.2%
■ Adhesive force (Unit N/25)
  Acrylic Glass
Vertical 19 21
Test at 23℃ - 50% RH
■ Use
Used for lamination of optical films such as polarized film, and lambda/retardation film

** Values are measured value, they are not guaranteed.
It is changeable without the advance guidance. Please test compatibility for yourself before
planning to implement the matrial to any system, equipment, machines.

Important Notice
Please use Cast-Type Acrylic when laminating polarizer and lambda film to acrylic.
Cast-Type Acrylic does not interfere with the film's optical performance.
Extrusion type acrylic or PET interfer with optical perfomances and therefore can not be used.
Base layer suited for lamination  Glass / Cast-acrylic / Cast-polycarbonate / TAC plastic 
× Base layer interferes with optical films  Extrusion acrylic / Extrusion-polycarbonate / PET etc