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IR Cut Cold Filter

■ MF-CLD127S --- Cold Filter (IR Filter)

IR Cut Cold filter is porduced with dialectic
multi-layer deposition method and
made specifically for optical equipment
It protects polarizer from the heat exposure
when placed in front of a 3D projector.
Also it eliminates unwanted IR emissions which
are often captured along in the gel documentation,
thus helps produces high contrast image.

High transmission and transparency.
Average transmittance across the entire visible ray spectrum. Optical white glass prevents color bias.
High precision and high quality vapor deposition glass. No deposition unevenness.
Utilize ground glass mainly for 3D purpose. Less image distortion compare to old models.

Protect polarizers from 3D projector's intensive heat.
For gel documentation. Eliminate thermal background which is caused by UV light source (transilluminotr)

 ■ Pirce

Item Code     Size    Unit Price 
MF-CLD127S   Effective 120 x 120 mm
127 x 127 mm
T = 2.5 mm

 ■ Specification

  127mm square
Large enough to set up at
appropriate distance
from 3D projector
* Ground glass is used

The polarizer is deteriorated by thermal heat.
IR cut - Cold filter prevents it by suppressing heat.

IR Cut Effectiveness Graph
Setting conditions

Light Source = 250W halogen lamp
Distance from source to polarizer = 80mm
Cold filter is set between source and polarizer
Room temperature 23℃.
Measure center of polarizer every 60 sec.
* measurement value and is not guaranteed