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@@How to Apply AR/AGAR Film

1. Please apply film in the clean room. Air dust stick to adhesive when applied in dusty environment.
2. Place the target material (glass/acrylic to which film is applied) on a leveled surface.
3. Cut AR film slightly larger than target material both vertically and horizontally.
4. Remove separator 2 to 3 cm from adhesive side, and start applying along with material edges.
5. At the same time with removing separator, gradually start applyin film with such tool as rubber roller
  (available in printing equipment shops) to avoide any air bubbles to be trapped inside.
6. Using such materials as soft cloths, press and rub from AR side to blend adhesive well with surface.
7. After finishing, flip it up side down and cut the surplus with box cutter.
8. Lastly remove separator from AR side.
  ** To protect AR surfaces, please make sure to remove separator from AR surface in the end.

*AR film has separator on both side. Adhesive side is luster and thick. AR side has little haze and thinner.
¡ Precautions
Do not remove separator all at once, it would adhere air dust.
For small bubbles, gently tap with rubber hummer and it'll disappear.
Transparent materials such as glass or acrylic have same level of reflection on both front and reverse side.
  In order to eliminate reflection effectively, please apply AR film on both sides.
AR film is bit springy and can not be applied to the material with curvature.
¡ Precautions for wet application.
Please use clean water mixed with small amount of neutral detergent.
Please do not remove the separator of AR side until completion.
Spread water over target material, filmfs adhesive layer, and separator, usuing such tool as spray
Using durable rubber or plastic spatula, applying film from corners and squeezing the water center out.
  * If you left water in between, the air dissolved in the water gathers together and become bubbles after dried.
  * Boiled water would prevent bubbles to be appeared since air dissolved in the water be vaporized
It may takes 1-2 week to dry completely. May results unevenness meantime, but it will disappear with drying.
š Even with wet application, large size AR is difficult to be applied for beginner and babble or unevenness occur
  regularly. In such cases, we recommend you to consult with specialty contractor at your region.
  We also provide AR processed acrylic as well.