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@@AR Acrylic@-@High Durable Type (for Outdoor use)

High Durable type, multi AR layered acrylic developed for outdoor use.
ARAC503T is used as protective cover for safety check monitor at many train station platform in Japan

‘ AR Coated Acrylic@(High-durable type)
  How AR works 

Item Code   Size  Water repellent  Unit Price 
ARAC503T 500 x 385 mm | t = 3mm
(effective area 486 x 371 mm)
one side  $176
* Small sample piece available upon request. Please inquire for more information 
š Inquire for bulk price for more that 10 unit order

Easy to cut with an acrylic cutter
Dig groove with acrylic cutter.
When groove depth reaches 1/3 deep,
fold and cut using desk edge.
For Instruction

AR Acrylic (high grade type) Spec and Inspection Standard 
@Size  @500~385mm / t=3mm 
@Effective area @486~371mm
@Contact surface @Measured of Contact angle of distilled water 108‹
@Scratch resistance @No.0000 steel-wool, 5 time both way with 1.5kg wt. damage should be less than 20
@Durability @heat-resis 80Ž ~ 48 0h Test OK
@moisture-resis 60Ž ~ 90 %RH%RH ~ 48 0h
@hot water-resis 60Ž ~ 48 0h
@salt water-resis Salt spray (JIS Z2371)25 days
@light-resis xenon light / 900h
@adhesiveness cross hatch test x 3
@pencil hardness JIS K-5400  4H