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  AR (Anti-Reflective) Film - Roll Type - 1500mm width

   UVAR1500-Roll - AR Film (1.5 meter = 1500mm width) - Outdoor Type

The much requested especially from retail shops owners
for their show windows, UVAR1500 is all-purpose (retail, household, industrial use) roll-type AR film for outdoor use.
With its high durability/weatherability, it can be used
for various situations as, display windows, household/
office/school windows for which people often get
complaint from neighbor for reflection, electronic road
signs, glass protection cover for security monitor and so on.
 ■ Unprecedented durability/weatherability
 ■ UV cut to protect product/artwork from UV
 ■ Base PET film works also as shatterproof.
 ■ Wide 1500mm (= 1.5m) width. MOQ from 2m length.
  How to laminate
  How AR film works 
NOTICE : No Protective Layer on AR Side
The films is developed as a constructional exterior film
and there is no protective layer attached to front
(AR coated) side. Please take extra caution for handling and use dedicated tools for application.
(* there is protective layer on adhesive side)

The product is shipped from Japan and due to its package size (approximately 2 meter length), this product is currently available only for customers with their own shipping means such as
own account for carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS which we can use it for delivery.
EMS service (our regular shipping option) has package size limit of 1.5 meter length
and only A4 Size (25 x 30cm) Sample is available with EMS shipping.


Item Code   Size   Unit Price 
(1500mm width)
   2 - 4 meter   $228 / meter
   5 - 9 meter   $211 / meter
   10 - 29 meter   $190 / meter
   30 - 49 meter   $177 / meter
   50 - 99 meter   $172 / meter
   A4 size (25 x 30cm) sample   $28 / meter
* Small sample piece available upon request. Please inquire for more information 

★ Apply AR film on both sides for full effect.
Light reflects both on the front and the reverse side of glass surface.
Reflections are approx 4-5% for each side, and total reflection sum up to approx 10%.
AR film reduces reflection down to approx 0.5% on each side and therefore applying film on both side
would reduce total reflection down to less than 1% (1/10). 
** Applying on only one side leaves out 5.5% reflection. Therefore please apply on both side.
without AR film 5.0 % + 5.0 % = 10.0 %
 AR film on one side 0.5 % + 5.0 % = 5.5 %
 AR film on both side 0.5 % + 0.5 % = 1.0 %
Multi-layered glass (double/triple glazing glass) requires film to be applied on every surface.
For instances, double glazing glass requires films to be applied on all 4 surfaces. For this reason it is not practical and we do not recommend using film on these glass


Specification & Inspection Criteria
Optical Characteristic
 Item AR / one side AR / both side 3mm glass  
 Visible Ray transmittance 94% 97% 90% Visible Ray
(380-780 nm)
 Visible Ray reflectance 5% 2% 8%
 UV transmittance ≦ 1.0% ≦ 1.0% 74% (380-780 nm)
 Solar transmittance 85.1% 86.1% 86.1% Solar Ray
(300-2500 nm)
 Solar reflectance 6.2% 4.2% 8.1%
 Solar absorptance 8.7% 9.7% 5.3%
 Shading coefficient 1 1.01 1  
 Thermal transmittance 6% 6% 6% (W/m2k)
 Solar heat gain coefficient 0.88% 0.89% 0.88%  
 Measurement Condition :
 Applied to JIS A 5759 : 3mm Float glass
【Shading coefficient】
 Relative value of solar heat (due to direct sunlight) passes through 3mm Clear Float Glass (with AR film applied)
 3mm Float glass only = 1.00
【Thermal transmittance】
 Rate of transfer of heat through one square meter of 3mm Clear Float Glass (with AR film applied) in one hour.
 Temperature difference must be within 1℃ on both side.
【Solar heat gain coefficient
 Fraction of incident solar radiation admitted through 3mm Clear Float Glass (with AR film applied).
 The lower a window's solar heat gain coefficient, the less solar heat it transmits.

 ■Material Physical Charcs Spec
 Material Polyester
 Effective thickness 69μm
 Tensile strength (N/25mm) 230
 Stretch 150%
 Adhesive force 11

 ■ Aging Variation before test approx 2 years later
 Total light transmittance 93.7% 93.2%
 Haze 0.3% 0.8%
  Min reflectance wavelength 550nm 550nm
  Ave luminous reflectance 1.1% 1.3%

* There is not protective film (separator) attached on AR coated side
* Above data are actual measurement value, not guaranteed value.
Remedies and Limitations
: Should any product fail to perform as warranted or for any other claims arising from the purchase of products from us, our liability and your remedy are strictly limited to the purchase price or replacement, at our sole option, of the product sold.