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  AR (Anti-Reflective) Film - Roll Type - 1000mm width

   MFAR-Roll - AR Film (1.0 meter = 1000mm width)

AR Film -  Roll Type - Permanent Adhesive Type

1000mm width
Roll type AR film - MFAR
For large size LCD protective case,
show windows, etc.
MFAR has 1000mm width and
Available from minimum of 2 meters.
  Data Sheet
  How to laminate
  How AR film works 

  1000mm width
t = 0.1mm + Release layer 0.25mm


Item Code   Size   Unit Price 
(1000mm width)
   2 - 4 meter   $182 / meter
   5 - 9 meter   $169 / meter
   10 - 29 meter   $153 / meter
   30 - 50 meter   $142 / meter
   51 - 99 meter   $138 / meter
   A4 size (25 x 30cm) sample   $28
* Small sample piece available upon request. Please inquire for more information 

★ Apply AR film on both sides for full effect.
Light reflects both on the front and the reverse side of glass surface.
Reflections are approx 4-5% for each side, and total reflection sum up to approx 10%.
AR film reduces reflection down to approx 0.5% on each side and therefore applying film on both side
would reduce total reflection down to less than 1% (1/10). 
** Applying on only one side leaves out 5.5% reflection. Therefore please apply on both side.
without AR film 5.0 % + 5.0 % = 10.0 %
 AR film on one side 0.5 % + 5.0 % = 5.5 %
 AR film on both side 0.5 % + 0.5 % = 1.0 %
Multi-layered glass (double/triple glazing glass) requires film to be applied on every surface.
For instances, double glazing glass requires films to be applied on all 4 surfaces. For this reason it is not practical and we do not recommend using film on these glass


Specification & Inspection Criteria
Optical Characteristic
flectance curves

*graph is actual measurement data
Light transmission 92%
Measured regular reflection at 5°
using a spectrophotometer.
Coat with black paint after polishing
back of the sample with sandpaper.
Haze 0.75%
Reflectance minimum less than 0.35%
Reflectance minimum wavelength 550nm
Average spectral luminous efficacy reflectance rate 0.6%
Membrane characteristic
Steel-wool abrasion good Measured with rubbing No.0000 steel-wool
back and forth 10 time with 250g/cu weight rub
Pencil strength 2H Compliance to JIS K540-1900
Adherence 100/100 Cross-cut test
Contact angle 90° Genuine contact angle
Measured with CA-W150 (Kyowa Interface Science)
finger print removability
*Above is actual measurement data, not guaranteed data.