Educational Purpose - Microscope Specimen


Specimen for Biological Microscope (Transmission Microscope)
* Contained in tong or plastic Box
SP11 - Plant & Animal (10 kinds = P5+A5)
  leaf surface, leaf cross section, pollen, butterfly scale,
insect organs, fly mouth, etc.
US$ 65
SB11 - Plant (10 kinds)
  leaf surface, leaf cross section,
stem cutting surface of impatiens, spore, pollen, etc.
US$ 53
SZ11 - Animal (10 kinds)
  butterfly scale, insect organs, sting, fly mouth, drosphilia
blood, striated muscle, intestine, etc.
US$ 75

SP12 - Plant & Animal (20 kinds = P10+A10)
  leaf surface, leaf cross section, pollen, stalk cross section,
spore, butterfly scale, insect organs, fly mouth, drosphilia,
striated muscle, etc
US$ 120
SB12 - Plant (20 kinds)
  leaf surface, leaf cross section, monocot stalk, dicotyledon stalk,
ray flower, fern spore, morning glory pollen, cedar pollen,
pollen tube, silverberrt scaly hair, etc.
US$ 105

SZ12 - Animal (20 kinds)
  Ameba, Vorticella Nebulifera, earth worm, fly compound eye,
mosquito head, sea cucumber spicule, slug cut, crog blood,
human blood, etc.
US$ 107

 Contained in tong case
SM11 - Microbiology (10 kinds)
  amoeba, paramecium caudatum, euglena,
vorticella nebulifera, chlorella, ferment etc.
US$ 65
SP21 - Plankton (10 kinds)
  closterium, diatom, daphnia, cyclopid, baby club etc.
US$ 88
SB21 - Bacteria (8 kinds)
  cholera, typhus, shigella, tetanus, pneumonia,
streptococcus, staphylococcus aureus, etc.
US$ 64
SP31 - Pollen (10 kinds)
  wind-borne pollen (pinaceae, poaceae, zea mays, ryptomeria japonica etc.) bee-borne pollen (pumpkin, lilium, morning groly, oenothera stricta) pollen tube(camellia sinensis) etc
US$ 49
SP41 - Physiological Organ (10 kinds)
  striated Muscle, unstriated muscle, cartilage, small intestine, cerebrum, stomach walls, spleen, lung, kidney, human blood etc
US$ 65

* All Mecan's prepared slides are collected and crafted by speciality craftsman.
Therefore, items included in the each set may be changed without prior notice
depending on seasons and other collecting conditions.