YS05T - C mount Stereo Zoom Microscope

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stereo microscope

stereo microscope C-mount Stereo Microscope
with simultaneous three-way field of view
YS05T [Total Magnification 6.7x - 45X] 
Great system expandability
with trinocular C-mount
YS05T specs are equivalent to Olympus SZ61 and
Nikon SMZ745 but provided at much lower price !
stereo microscope enlarged images 
Product name Product code Price
C-Mount Stereo Zoom Microscope YS05T US$ 1,260


Simul 3-way FOV enables observation/shooting at the same time with no optical path switching.
Special C-mount enables synchronized focus (parfocal feature) as well as perspective correction.
Diopter compensation corrects different prescriptions in the left and right eyes.
Large working distance of 110mm.
No focal shift and left/right magnification differences.
Total magnification 6.7x - 45x.

 ✔ Simultaneous 3-way FOV (Field of view)

With Simul 3-way FOV system, sample image would pass through 2 different optical paths at the same time, one to eyepiece and other to trinocular port. It enables observation and documentation simultaneously without need of swiching optical paths each time and broadens possibility to wider range of applications . stereo microscope

 ✔ Applications with simul 3-way FOV

In school, live microscope image with no
delay can be shared by whole classroom
with large monitor setup. Researchers in
remote locations can also have live
discussion by sharing live image through
WI-Fi enabled DSLR cameras such as
Canon EOS Rebel t7i or iPhone which
can be connected to microscope via
i-NTER LENS (iPhone Microscope adapter)
stereo microscope

 ✔ Special C-mount with Focus adjustment / Optical axis adjustment feature

YS05T's perfocal feature let you focus on eyepiece and camera images simultaneously.
Perspective correction feature also enable to match the center of those two images as well.
Observation and shooting with microscope became evermore easy with YS series !

   System Expandability

Product Name Product code Price
C-mount Stereo Zoom Microscope YS05T US$ 1,260
Eyepiece Lens 20 x (Pair = F.N.12, diopter adjustable) IP-x20 US$ 120
Auxiliary Objective 2.0 x (WD26mm) OB-x2 US$ 60
Auxiliary Objective 0.5 x (WD177mm) OB-x0.5 US$ 60

   Optional Item

 ■ Recommened Camera System

DSLR   Olympus TG-5   iPhone   CCD Cam
顕微鏡用 スマホ撮影アダプター
Canon EOS DSLR with remote live-view feature.
All required accessories
for microscope shooting
is included in the set.
Compact and light
weight, Olympus TG-5 set.
All required accessories
for microscope shooting
is included in the set.
iPhone adapter let you attach iPhone directly to microscope. Enable to capture incredible
image with smartphone.
Rigid body, PC direct USB camera.Installable directly to trinocular C-mount of YS05T.
Price US$ 1,563 -
Price US$1,369
Price US$ 847
Price US$

 ■ LED Lighting

LED Ring Light   LED Twin Arm Light   LED Transmitted Light  
Powerful, long-life LED
ring light with dimmer control. High quality product at low price !
Low price LED twin arm light. Slim and vertical power unit need minimal space to setup. Blue and Cyan LED also available.
Powerful, white LED transmitted light with dimmer control unit.
Blue and Green LED type are also available.
Price US$ 160
Price US$ 430
Price US$ 400

   System Composition and Price

 ■ Recommened System 
 Set Code Price  System Composition  
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YS05T US$ 1,260
YS05T-Simple5 US$ 1,420
YS05T-NYSL2-WE US$ 2,983
YS05T-SD4 US$ 1,690
YS05T-NYSL2-SD4 US$ 3,253
Product Code YS05T Simple-5 SDA-W4 NY1S-EOSSL2
 Price US$ 1,260 US$ 160 US$ 430 US$ 1,563