YS03Z2 - Trinocular Zoom Stereo-Microscope


Zoom Stereo-Microscope with
JIS phototube for DigiCam connection.
Low price, yet high quality trinocular stereo-
microscope. High resolution image can be captured
with various type of camera that can be installed
onto JIS phototube. LED light set is available too.

 Standard System - YS03Z2
 Trinocular Zoom Stereo-Microscope  YS03Z2  US$ 930
1. Eyepiece Lens : 10 x (F.N 20, Diopter adjustable)
2. Total Magnification : 7 x ( Φ28.6mm) - 45 x (Φ4.4mm)
3. Working Disntace : 100mm

 ■ Optional Item

Eyepiece Lens 20 x (Pair = F.N.12, diopter adjustable) IP-x20 US$ 120
Auxiliary Objective 0.5 x (WD177mm) OB-x0.5 US$ 60
Auxiliary Objective 2.0 x (WD26mm) OB-x2 US$ 60
LED Ring Light - Double lind LED - High intensity type W-E US$ 230
LED Ring Light - Single lined LED - regular type Simple-5 US$ 160
LED Transmitted Light (W-E and MR-2UN set) MR-2 US$ 320
Anti-shock Rubber micro-bloc -- US$
Olympus TG-5 set
 Compact and light weight,  
 All inclusive compact digital camera set
 for Photomicrograph.

NYTG-5 US$ 1,369

 ■ System Composition & Price

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YS03Z2 US$ 930
YS03Z2-LED US$ 1,090
Microscope LED-Ring Light
Code YS03Z2 Simple-5
Price US$ 930 US$ 160