@@Stereo Microscope - MK01 - KOTARO (20x/40x)


Fixed magnification at 20x/40x
High-Presicion Magnification !


  @Product Overview

Switchable magnification (2x /4x )
Bright optical system with fixed magnification system. High endurance structure.
Space-saving compact body, yet also capable of industrial purpose such as parts inspections.

  @Standard System


1. Eyepiece Lens : 10x (F.N20, Diopter adjustable)
2. Objective Lens : 2xE4x (Turret Type)
3. Total Magnification : 20x (10mm)E40x (5mm)
  Code Price
Stereo-Microscope KOTARO  MK01 US$ 480

  @Optional Item

simple5 ̌pLEDOƖu
1. LED Light Unit FLight ColorFWhite@LEDF24 unit
2. LED Power Unit FRated power consumpionF2.5
FModulationFVariable voltage
  Code Price
LED RIng Light for Microscope SIMPLE5 US$ 160

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  @System Composition & Price

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MK01 US$ 480
MK01-LED US$ 640
Microscope LED-Ring Light
Code MK01 Simple-5
Price US$ 480 US$ 160