Simple 5 - LED Ring Illuminator

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・Compatible with various microscope model from
 Nikon/Olympus/Mitsutoyo/Carton ... etc
・Equipped with high-Brightness LED
・Sharp and clear pure white light
・Easy handling and operation with simple system.
・Metallic frame to endure various
 operating environment.
・2 optional filters are available.
・PSE certified

New features for Simple-5

Simple-5 is successor model of Simple-3
Many new features in addition to original simple-3 system

Equipped with
high brightness LED.
Achieving approximately
1.5 x brightness compare to previous simple-3 model.
Dimmer adjuster enables to adjust to desired brightness level. 

The LED equipped in the
Simple 5 has unbiased pure
white color. Sharp and clear
light supports detailed microscope observation.

Simple 5 maintains same low price as Simple 3 !

Metallic frame protects
electronic substrate inside
and endures many hours
of observation under
various operating environment.

Simple design with built-in-body On/Off switch and dimmer adjustment.
Simply connect it to outlet for use !

2 optional filters are available (optional item)
Please use it for different observation style or personal preferences.

Attachment to Microscope

Simple 5 can be attached and fixated to microscope
with 3 set screws. It can be attached directly when attachment diameter is between Φ40 to Φ60mm.
Attachment adapters are required for microscopes
with other sizes. (please see below for detail)

Microscope models that require Attachment Adapter
A) Olympus - SZ61 and other SZ Series
 SZ-AD (Φ48mm P=0.75) US$ 20

B) Olympus - VM Series
 VM-AD (Φ58mm P=0.75) US$ 20

C) Carton (limited models)
 C-AD (Φ49mm P=0.75) US$ 20

D) Nikon
 * Compatible with most models with not attachment required

E) Diameter with more than 61mm, less than 70mm
 6070-AD US$ 35

Compatible Microscope Model List

Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Zeiss, Carton, Mitsutoyo, Micronet..etc
Compatible with various microscope maker and models.

Compatible Microscope Models (illustration)
Direct Attachment
Attachment with optional SZ-AD adapter (Olympus SZ Series)
Attachment with optional VM-AD adapter (Olympus VM Series)

 Max illuminance  Over 15,000 lux 
 Voltage range  AC100V-240V
 Lighting method  All Lit 
 Dimming  PWM
 (variable range 0-100%)
 Φ40 - 60mm
* Φ61 - 70mm with 6070-AD
 approx 8,000K
 * approx 5,000K
 with warm color filter 

 ■ System Composition & Price

Code Direct Price
LED Ring Light for Stereo-Microscope Simple 5 US$ 160

 ■ Optional Item

Code Direct Price
 Diffuser Filter (white) S5-RS US$ 20
 Warm Color Filter S5-WS US$ 20
 Olympus SZ Series attachment SZ-AD US$ 20
 Carton attachment (limited compatible models) C-AD US$ 30
 Olympus VM Series attachment VM-AD US$ 20
 Φ60-70mm attachment 6070-AD US$ 35