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  LED Light for Fluorescence Excitation

LED Transmitted Light

LED Epi-Light

Gel Documentation System Gel Documentation System
High-power transmitted LED light for GFP, EtBr, Cy3, and many more. Simply place it on microscope stage. Wide area LED light box
for gel cut-out/observation is also available.
High-power flexible twin arm LED light for microscope. (white, blue, green)
LED built-in Gel documentation hood enables easy fluorescence observation/documentaion.


LED Flashlight

Microscope Filter Holder

Gel Documentation System Gel Documentation System
From UV365 to IR630nm, high-power LED flashlights are available in wide range.
It illuminates wide area with high-intensity. Observation in outdoor is also possible.
Compatible with most microscopes. Enables to see band with naked eye. Low price type (rubber attachment), microscope and digital camera complete set are available too.


LED has single wavelength and it prevents sample from damage.
  Suited for fluorescence observation of such reagent as GFP,EGFR,SYBR Green, etc.

How to select LED light source for your particular reagent ⇒