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  SDA Series - LED Twin-Arm Light

The LED Twin Arm enables you to shed the light on the sample with desired angle and distance.
High-directivity LED with strong brightness enable to provide enough working distance.

Blue LED at 470mm
and Cyan LED at 505nm are available for coping with variety of reagent.
It is simple system that eliminate redundant features and achieved high quality and low price.
Thin, compact body save up space for your desktop operation !
  Compact and thin device are able to sit comfortably
behind the microscope with mere 3.5cm space.
Enable you to operate even in very limited desk top space.

High Brightness system
High-directivity LED with strong brightness
enables fluorescence microscopic observation.
Flexible Twin Arm
Enables you to adjust for desired angle and position
Intensity Adjustable
for each different sample
Thin and small size LED light head
Heat dissipation with aluminum heat sink
Heat sink equipped light head prolong the LED life

■ Compatible Reagent
 SDA-B4 (470nm)
 SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, SYPRO Ruby,
 SYPRO Orange, FIT, GFP, EGFP, etc. 
  SDA-C4 (505nm)
 EtBr, Gel Red, SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, SYBR Ruby,
 SYPRO Orange, FIT, GFP, EGFP etc (reagent which absorb
 fluorescent wavelength between 485-510nm)

   System Composition & Price

1. Body: Power Control unit / Flexible arms
LED unit (white, blue or green)
2. AC-DC adapter
3. L Conversion plug

Code #  Component Price
SDA-W4  White LED Twin Arm (Thin type) + AC-DC adapter
 Light Angle (17°)
US$ 430
SDA-30W4  White LED Twin Arm (Thin type) + AC-DC adapter
 Light Angle (30°)
US$ 430
SDA-B4  Blue LED Twin Arm (at 470nm) (Thin type) + AC-DC adapter
 Light Angle (17°)
US$ 550
SDA-C4  Cyan LED Twin Arm (at 505nm) (Thin type) + AC-DC adapter
 Light Angle (17°)
US$ 550

   Optional Item

Price  US$ 1,420
Price  US$ 1,369
Price  US$ 190
Price  US$ 60

Attachment / Filters (* require 2 each)
 SDA Filter Attachment SDA-FMT26
US$ 77
 Blue LED
 Band-Pass filter
BP-B (2)
US$ 60
 Green LED
 Band-Pass filter
BP-C (2)
US$ 60
 Diffusion filter
 * for uniform light
HDA-DF (2)
US$ 80
 Polarized filter PL-20 (2)
US$ 86
* Band-Pass filter reduces
back ground by narrowing
wavelength of LED light source
Band-pass Filter Set
SDA-B4 Band-pass Set
× 2 +  
US$ 137 
 SDA-C4 Band-pass Set
× 2 + 
US$ 137 


 Power Supply  AC100V ( please use supplied adapter )
 Light Source  High power, high efficiency and CRI LED
 LUXEION (high color rendering property) by Philips Lumileds
 Pure white with color temperature 5,000K
 Less color variation with 3-stem MacAdam Ellipses LED
 Brightness  75,000 lx for one led at maximum intensity (5cm distance / TYP value)
 4W (at the maximum brightness)