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LED Transmitted Light for Stereo-Microscope
RT25 Series


High-Power LED Transmitted
light for fluorescence exitation
Developed spefically for
Stereo-microscope !

 Simply place it on your microscope stage.
 High-power LED is concentrated to center spot
 Enables to flourescent observation under stereo
 microscopes. Long life LED required virtually
 no replacement for life !

 ■ Set Composition & Price

Code #  Component Price
RT25-W-CR White LED Transmitted light unit
 + Dimmer Adjustment Unit
US$ 400
RT25-B47-CR Blue LED (at 470nm) Transmitted light unit
ALSC-56 (sharp cut filter)
 + Dimmer Adjustment Unit
US$ 440
RT25-G53-CR Green LED (at 530nm)Transmitted light unit
SC60 (sharp cut filter)
 + Dimmer Adjustment Unit
US$ 440
    ** One free Fixating Stage Plate comes with set. Please select one from 3 sizes
  (Φ90mm for nikon, 95mm for YS series, 100mm for Olympus)

 ■ Optional Item

High quality, Trinocular
(direct C-mount) Zoom Stereo-Microscope at low price.
Convenient Filter Holder System for Stereo-Microscope.
Price US$ 1,260
Price US$ 190